Online Learning Journal

Celebrating Children's Learning and Development on Tapestry 

We are extremely privileged at Squirrels because we see children develop and reach their milestones everyday. It is extremely important to share these precious memories and wow moments with you when the happen too. That’s why we use the ‘Tapestry’ app.
Tapestry is an online learning journal which is hosted on secure dedicated servers based in the UK. We believe that it is much more than just an online learning journal; it’s a system that keeps you up to date in real time. Tapestry helps educators and parents to record, track and celebrate children's progress in early years education.
As your child achieves each milestone, the app alerts you, enabling you to see what your child is doing. From messy play and first steps to learning phonics and new games, there's so much for children to do, learn and take in.
Tapestry enhances this special time, helping us to capture children's experiences as well as monitor development and learning. This unique journal is shared online with the child’s parent or carer so they too can see special moments and view their child's progress. We use tablets and iPads to take photos, video and make written observations of your child’s learning.
Your child’s learning is linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage, so you will know in which area of learning your child is working in. Once we publish the information to Tapestry you receive an email telling you when a new observation is available for you to view. Then you can look at the observation together with your child and your family and talk about your child’s learning together.
We are sure that you will love this way of viewing your child’s achievements as much as we do. Our team will support you by offering tutorials to help you use Tapestry. We encourage you to contribute to it by uploading photos, videos and comments of your child’ learning development and experiences at home. It can be easily uploaded via PC, tablet or the Tapestry app - anywhere there's an online connection. Every entry helps to create a complete story of a child's time in their early years. All their Tapestry entries are put on a Squirrels USB stick when they leave for you to keep them special memories forever.
Find out more about Tapestry at: https://tapestry.info/

Install Tapestry from the Apple App Store or ITunes or by searching for 'EYFS tapestry' in the store or ITunes.